Group of four 16X16 units enjoying the sun

Note: If using more than one movable shade unit, we can provide a variety of unit heights to create added interest and increased functionality.

The 16 x 16 is one of our most popular movable shade units. Constructed from 14 and 11 gauge steel, you will find it to be solidly built and easy to handle. The sturdy frame is built for many years of reliable service. It is shown in our favorite natural, zero maintenance finish. Equipped with adjustable feet, each unit can be leveled for a perfect installation on almost any surface. The 16X16 and 20X20 can be used as individual units  or in groups to define larger areas. Options include wheels and choices shade cloth. Accessories include irrigation kits, sign hardware and hanging basket rings. We can also create unique configurations. Standard units $ 3235.00 FOB Indianapolis

​​Model SS1616 (shown in natural finish with 30% green shade cloth)

Movable Shade 16X16

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